Our Grandfathers

T… H… R… E… I was sliding each letter with such precision into the composing stick in the letterpress studio when… idiot. All the tiny letters crashed onto the counter for the nineteenth time that day. Three sides, I was writing – with tiny size 6 Goudy type (because 12 would have been too easy). The final product was two words with the character spacing slightly off.

Nevertheless, I revel in the craft that is offline print. As the earth rotates, a new slew of digital technologies will increase the way we communicate visually with one another, yet I find myself trading my tablet on the daily for my pencil… (no… even better, a quill!).

The masters of design lived before us when the mediums were unforgiving and the nature of the craftsman greater. If these methods are the grandfathers of graphic design, then I’ve got a lot to learn from you, gramps. I can’t wait!  

xo Cait

Wordscait wharton