Nori Rolls

I lovingly stole this idea from my friend Steph. This mega athlete would always fill me to the brim with plant-based goodness when we'd get together and jam in the early stages of starting the entrepreneurial hustle. I've since appropriated it a tiny bit, but the goods remain the same. 


  • Half an Avocado
  • 1 Cucumber sliced into thin lines
  • 1/2 C Cooked Quinoa (would prob cook this in veg broth for flava flave)
  • A dusting of Red Cabbage
  • A reasonable amount of hummus
  • As many nori sheets as you want to eat

Puttin it together:

The hardest part of making this is learning how to properly roll these guys up. I'm going to explain it here, but I strongly recommend watching a YouTube video instead because my method is successful 60% of the time. 

1. Lay out a nori sheet in front of you.

2. Spread that hummus-y goodness across 80% of the surface of the nori sheet (unlike compliments, you don't need to lay it on thick). If the nori sheet is facing you like a square, then leave the top 1/2 inch hummus free.

3. In a line like a Cuban druglord would do with cocaine, lay the quinoa out in a line. Follow this by some chunks of avo, cabbage and the cucumber, trying to keep it in as much of line-form as possible. 

4. Rolling away from you, fold over the nori sheet gently and continue to roll until it's ... well ... in roll format. 

5. If you are sharing these, you'll want to put a tiny bit of water on the un-hummus'ed edge and glue the roll together. If you are not sharing them, I am all for licking it shut. 

6. Take a SUPER sharp knife (this is the most important part) and dip it lightly in water before slicing the roll up. 

7. Eat that shit up!

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