1. Do Know what you’re looking for. Do the work beforehand to understand the message you need to convey and the feeling you want people to have when interacting with your brand. Do not hire a designer and ‘see what they come up with’. 
  2. Do give it all away upfront. If you know for sure you love turquoise, do tell your designer before they start. If you know that you need the logo to have an elephant in it, do tell your designer before they start. Do not wait to share your secret pinterest board until revision three.
  3. Do not ask too many people. We tell our clients to keep the brand presentation for themselves or their small team before asking around to friends and family (who will muddle their decision by focusing only on the aesthetic and not the emotional). After revision two, do go ahead and fly that concept up the flagpole to see what the world thinks!
  4. Do not be shy. Lay it on us, baby! Tell your designer everything even if that means telling them to crumple up that metaphorical piece of paper and start over again. Cold. Hard. Facts.
  5. Do not do it yourself. Even (read: especially) if you are a recreational photoshop or illustrator user. Do deliver that feedback and leave the revisions to the experts.
Wordscait wharton