Your Competition

Someone out there is doing it better than you.

Someone is faster.

Someone is smarter.

Someone is lying on the beach with a six-figure salary and a hot bod while you’re slugging away on a rainy Tuesday.

The same person who is lying on a beach might be much worse at their job than you. They might be slower, and less apt and have had one too many donuts. Your competition might also not be someone in your industry.

When you start thinking about who is out there, ya know, DOING IT, it’ll rev your brain engine to figure out how YOU’RE different and HOW you can tell it to the world. Especially if you’re the one smarter, faster and who’ve put their due diligence into situps.

One of the exercises I walk clients through is about just this. Grab a pencil and try this:

Step one: List your top three competitors.

Step two: Give credit where credit is due. List as many ideas as possible at how these people are really nailin’ it. Look at all avenues; in-person presence, digital spheres, photography, public talks, etc. You’ve just isolated what types of things you’re looking to nail down yourself. Run a pickle company but put Justin Timberlake in the box because he’s good at social media? Looks like you have your work cut out for you, my friend.

Step three: We’re all works in progress. What aren’t they doing well? Next, list at least 3-5 things you feel could use some TLC.

Step four: Imagine you just acquired your competition’s business. Pick one issue outlined in step three. How would you make it right? Um. Now capitalize on this. Stat.

Step five: repeat this using your biz so you can see your current successes and opportunities.

Tape up the boxing gloves, baby (do you tape up boxing gloves?). Time to get to work.

Wordscait wharton