I'm the Creative Director + Founder of Millie which is truly the best gig in town and a graphic design instructor at Centennial College which is, like, tied for the best gig in town. When I'm not sitting behind my computer screen or shaping young design minds, you can find me hanging with my blind dog Oscar and my cute husband Mike (not blind) trying desperately to find mountains to hike. I hail from Calgary, AB but have lived and loved in Vancouver, BC and now reside in Toronto, ON with my best friend Drake.

If you care about the paper credentials: I studied Graphic Design at Parsons NYC and Alberta College of Art and Design and have a BA in English from University of Calgary. I once took an excel spreadsheet course in which I failed miserably. Education aside, my formative design skills really come from the endless hours of notebook doodling and evenings spent with wine and a paintbrush. 

Iā€™d love to work with you, so send a note.